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Nutcracker Audition August 18,2024


About Central Kentucky Ballet Conservatory

What are the class requirements for the conservatory program?  

The conservatory program is both developmentally appropriate as well as ambitious.  Our program will begin with 4 levels with the following requirements: Level 1 ( our youngest students approximate ages 6-7 1 technique class and 1 rehearsal class Level 2(approximate age 8-9) 2 technique classes and 1 rehearsal class  Level 3  ( approximate ages 10-12) 3 technique classes and 1 rehearsal class. Level 4 (ages 13 and up) dancers will be required to take 4 classes per week. These students will also be required one jazz or contemporary class and summer classes.  Minimum Summer Class requirements will be 8 classes for level 1, 12 Classes for Level 2,  12 for  level 3, and 16 classes Level 4.

What are the “perks” of being a part of the conservatory?

Students in the Program will develop a solid ballet technique that can only be molded and developed through consistent and intense training. Students will be the only students in the school that will progress on to advanced pointe. Students in the conservatory will have an automatic membership to our new community dance company “The Central Kentucky Dance Theatre” that will be housed at Gotta Dance.  The company will have a full season of performances as well as master classes, festivals and competitions. Students in the conservatory will advance to a level that will qualify them for such unique opportunities as admittance to SCAPA, Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts, Summer Intensives such as Louisville Ballet, Cincinnati Ballet etc.  If a student desires to pursue dance in college or even look into a professional career they will have the training to pursue these dreams also. In summary, the conservatory will train your dancer to their highest potential in ballet as well as any other form of dance they pursue.


What is the Dress Code for the Conservatory?

Girls:  Black Leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes  Dancers may wear the leotard of their choice during rehearsal class.

Hair must be worn in a bun with bobby pins and a hair net.

  • No jewelry or warmups, skirts are allowed during center work.

  • Girls should purchase a nude leotard to wear under costumes during performances

  • Girls may wear a black sports bras under uniform leotards


-Black or White T-Shirt ( tucked in) with black tights, shorts or pants and white socks and shoes


What is the attendance policy of the conservatory?

Dancers must attend all of their classes and rehearsals.  If your dancer needs to miss please email me at  Excused absences are the following: sickness, family emergencies, graded school events, large social events e.g. proms weddings. 

What is Ballet Etiquette?

Ballet etiquette is a list of good habits that dancers not just in ballet should utilize to develop their technique properly.  Students will be given a list on their first day of these habits and we will practice these habits in class as much as we do technique.  Parents,  you will love this part of ballet, because it is simply habits that bring out the very best in your dancer as a dancer and as a person!!

What are skills tests and ballet exams?

I am a great believer that students need clear goals when they dance…just like learning anything else.  I love to give the students a list of skills we will cover in class and set up periodic testing on these skills. With the younger students we will test weekly and at the end of each 6 weeks any skill your dancer does not pass they may take again.  With older dancers we will do a skills test every 6 weeks. At the end of the semester any skill your dancer does not pass may be tested again at the end of the semester. Dancers should only have to practice around a half hour a week on their own to pass these skills tests, if your dancer is struggling we will meet and set up a great plan for them. Dancers will also have 2 yearly written exams on concepts and vocabulary.  I want you as a parent to always know how your dancer is doing and what we can do to keep them progressing!

What support materials will I need for the Conservatory? 

  • Notebook to journal corrections

  • Gail Grant Ballet Dicitionary ( amazon)

  • Theraband medium strength for level 1 and 2 Strong for Level 3 and 4

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